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Datametrex Inc. (DM)

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  • 5 months ago
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  • I am expecting a stellar Q3, Medi-Call will be big.

  • Above .1 next week.

  • I love pull back and panic selling… Not worried at all…..

  • This is a great buy soon can’t wait for it to shed the penny stock tag

  • Every bit of our lives is changing and now with technology, healthcare provision has now advanced to #telehealth with Medi-call

  • Don’t miss this golden opportunity to invest in your future and make more money.

  • $DTMXF Medi-call is definitely gaining subscribers and its generating revenue for the company. Price is going to be in a constant bullish move for a while.

  • $DTMXF market is never constant, however with $DTMXF we all know the trend it’s catching up on.

  • #Datametrex Medi-Call app is your home of wellness. Don’t get sick over mental issues, talk with a physician over your phone with Medi-Call app.

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