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About Us

Welcome to GIS – Gold in Sacs!

Where improving your lifestyle is an investment.

We are a knowledge share investor community led by influencers, rated by a community. Our innovative platform rewards influencers for their network engagement and success in the community. Influencers will seek to be the top influencers to earn more and become a Gold in Sacs top community influencer. Influencers do this by providing their networks sound information, trading strategies and ideas that put “Gold in your Sac” and ultimately improving your lifestyle. As our Influencer community grows, investors will get the opportunity to learn about new investment strategies and ideas that will give you the best investment experience, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Don’t blame the player, blame the game!

Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose! Finding unicorn investments is one part talent and a crap load of luck. Influencers are here to help us make better investment decisions, but nothing in life is guaranteed except death and TAXES. Don’t blame your influencers, blame the markets and the participants that manipulate them for their own gain. If you don’t like an influencer leave their group. Our system, with your help, will separate the manipulators from the influencers.

WHY Gold in Sacs?

Gold in Sacs provides the smartest way of finding new and “network validated” investment ideas. You now have the capability to find influencers that will provide you the information and strategies to make investment decisions of on a variety of investment products. There are no limits on what you can learn, only limits on what you decide to invest.


To create the next step in the evolution of the retail investment industry by giving access to everyone seeking information and opinion about investment opportunities without any minimum requirement.


To be the world’s leading influencer platform for the investment community, with millions of registered users engaging to find the best influencers and top investment ideas.

OUR VALUES (Company):

To build an innovative community where everyone can rely on the natural way groups of people interact and competition works.
Darren Stewart
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